Our Culture

Seamless' culture is based on Ray Dalio's Principles. We are laser focused on results, believe in being radically transparent with one another and giving each other tough feedback to promote personal growth. Working at Seamless is much like joining an intellectual Navy Seals: it is incredibly hard and very rewarding.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. Here are a few examples of what they've achieved: become a Kaggle competitions expert, make 5 million dollars playing poker (David); be called "the best cosmologist of his generation" by a Princeton professor; and rank second in Cambridge astrophysics examinations. At Seamless everyone is exceptional and we all push each other hard to grow and fulfil our potential.


How successful is Seamless?

Seamless is currently valued at 100 million pounds. We are on track to double this in the next year. For us, failure means growing to less than twice our current size in this time, we plan to be the biggest in the markets we trade. Last year our total traded volume was 50 million pounds.
How did Seamless get started?

After graduating from Cambridge University, Seamless' founder Will made hundreds of thousands of pounds playing poker, while a side project in algorithmic trading with a friend went well and eventually grew into Seamless.
How many people work a Seamless?

Seamless currently employs 12 people. We are growing exponentially, having doubled in size every 12-18 months in the last 5 years.
How is Seamless funded?

Our initial capital came from Will's poker winnings and we have grown through retained profits, Seamless doesn't have investors or clients, we trade the company's money.
What assets do you trade?

We trade alternative assets. We prefer not to disclose the details of this until we are interviewing candidates.
Why do you keep such a low profile?

The people at Seamless are exceptional, and are our greatest asset, we don't want recruiters from big hedge funds trying to poach them.

Seamless at the Cambridge Physics Society

Seamless Global Ltd is a limited company registered in England under company number 09838664.

Registered office : Wellington House, East Road, Cambridge, England, CB1 1BH.