Welcome to Seamless

What do we do?

State-of-the-art Machine Learning for algorithmic trading
  • We start with raw, real-life datasets, which we analyse in order to detect and deal with faulty and missing data. We routinely handle datasets at the terabyte scale and are particularly experienced at time series analysis.

  • We gain an in-depth knowledge of a given dataset in order to maximise its value for predictive modelling. We familiarise ourselves with new data problems quickly and efficiently due to the diversity of backgrounds within our team across statistics, mathematics, and econometrics.

  • We implement the state of the art in supervised learning techniques in order to obtain the best predictions possible, as quickly as possible. We apply these techniques to big data using 5 high-performance computational servers with powerful GPUs and CPUs.

  • We test our models heavily in order to ensure high quality and determine the best algorithms for trading. This enables us to provide statistical consulting services to a wide range of clients.